Resources for your mission

IKE offers practical tools like individualized resume support, internships, and instruction in networking.  Find out how you can best position yourself to get the job or career that aligns with your mission.

Kingdom Week Trips

Discover God’s passion for the world and for you as you participate in a Kingdom Week mission trip.

Urban Teams

Join IKE’s efforts to share the love of Christ with Dallas’ urban poor.  The Urban Team works in after-school programs, weekend ministry events, refugee care, and more.

Ministry/Camp Teams

Share your passion and gifts in churches and camps.  Ministry teams serve in churches throughout the region by leading worship, teaching children and youth, drama, special events, and representing DCC.  Camp Teams offer paid opportunities to travel throughout the US during the summer teaching and counseling and representing DCC at camps and conference.

Service Opportunities

Imitating Christ through service is one of DCC’s core values.  If you are looking for ways to serve in the DCC community, IKE can get you plugged in.  You have the opportunity to change lives – maybe even your own!